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Hookah HMD (Heat Management Device) is designed to improve heat output, increase coal longevity, and generally make your session easier to manage over-all. Hookah HMD (Heat Management Device) is the result of the hookah industries consistent innovation on products like wind covers, providing you with a more modern alternative with less bulk and more features. It is gradually replacing aluminium foils. The charcoals are placed inside the HMD and the HMD is placed on top of the shisha bowl instead of using aluminium foil.

Heat Management Devices control the heat transfer to the shisha tobacco by opening or closing the openings at the side or at the top of the HMD. The most widely used HMD is Kaloud Lotus. But it’s very difficult to put the third charcoal when you use Kaloud Lotus, don’t even to say the fourth one. By the way, Kaloud Lotus is not stable over certain shisha bowls. There are still many bowls in the market which doesn’t have groove for placing Kaloud Lotus.

But Yimi Hookah HMD solve all those problems. We use double convex ring at the HMD bottom, which helps the device fits more bowls. At the same time, you can put 4 shisha charcoals into the device due to the big chamber.

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